Smart Planet Fund is a private equity venture capital company with an innovative growth strategy for startups and early-stage tech companies. We have access to quality deal flow from a partnership with leading venture capital firms with networks in US west coast and east coast market. I work with investors who are compelled to deploy their wealth to address the threat to humanity. Humanitas Smart Planet Fund invests in technologies that will enable Humanity to adapt to an increasingly unstable environment while preserving or deepening human dignity. Our globally recognized experts provide access to high-quality deal flow, resources and networks to enable deployment at a planetary scale.

Tomo Analytica is a data company dedicated to building analytics, platforms and web app products for social impact organizations. We are passionate about scaling impact of companies that are working towards positive and measurable shift in environment and life conditions. We work with startups and established companies that have a greater vision for regenerative global commons, climate change adaptation, smart cities/communities, health and wellness, humanitarian aid and renewable energy.