Computational Social Finance is an exploratory endeavor to discover synergy between computation methods and social finance research. While computational finance is an established field, both social finance and transdisciplinary computation using data and machine learning are emerging fields. Data permeates all aspects of our lives and all disciplines thereby opening a whole new domain of research possibilities. CoSoFi aims to contribute towards scaling social impact and de-risking investments through multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and integral research methods.



Indigenous traditions face a unique challenge of preserving their cultural artifacts while modernizing and being integrated into the global ecosystem. Traditionalists often find themselves at the crossroads of preserving cultural knowledge systems, which are not always supported by the scientific injunctions, or hopping off the trajectory of their cultural evolutionary path and subscribing to the western models of modernity. This presents a deep dilemma for the traditionalists who find themselves conflicted and intertwined with multiple local and global systems. In recent years, new social narratives have been emerging with a promise to integrate and resolve this conflict. Such an approach can be employed to understanding, curating and unifying multiple perspectives, knowledge systems and worldviews. We need a praxis where not only theory informs the practice but also practice informs the theory. Such a participatory approach is an interpenetrative interaction between these emerging frameworks and the indigenous knowledge systems. This allows the rebuilding of cultural roots and mapping modernity enabling decentralized developmental trajectories and self-autonomy.