…a turning point in our collective story

While the advent of blockchain marks a beginning of yet another disruptive technology, it’s increasing popularity, implication and application attest a new paradigm in social and cultural discourse. With each landmark technological advances in human history, the world has fundamentally changed and has moved towards an interdependent global village. However, all previous progress invariably fell into a centralized entity like powerful governments, multinational organization or the affluent class. For the first time, we have a promise of a truly decentralized technology where each citizen, of this planet, regardless of their background, can be empowered to have a voice, to shape their political landscape, and thrive in a culture that is simultaneously unique and globally integrated. We can finally realize the unity in the pluralism of all human expressions. Implementing blockchain is not just about shifting how few industries operate but also scaling our collective potential to build a world that is equitable, diverse, sustainable and collaborative.

Blockchain@UBC is a collaborative research cluster focusing on blockchain technology as one component of investigating the broader research question “How can emerging technologies be leveraged for social impact?”