Mountain Top in the Marketplace is a collection of intimate poems that explores cross-genre and wide themes such as intercultural identity, search for one’s meaning and belonging, personal and social transformation, mysticism and post-metaphysics. The book was written in the span of 10+ years at various places around the world – from the busy cafes of Kathmandu to the serene mountains of Machu Picchu, from the otherworldly ashrams of India to the bustling markets of London, and, from the foggy beaches of Sonoma County to the rainy streets of Reykjavík.

The book highlights the author’s struggle as an immigrant to find a sense of home and a search for his community while encountering the harsh truth of power, privilege, and race at every turn. The book is also an undertaking to tell stories that bring together traditional roots and modernity into one cohesive whole. A recurring theme of disenchantment and re-enchantment tells a story of the disillusionment of separate self and a discovery of bliss in everyday ordinary living.